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1BearShare  v.7Audio / Music ManagementFreeFreeware9.28 Mb
2BearShare Pro  v. / File SharingFreeFreeware5.22 Mb
3BearShare Accelerator  v.4.0.3Internet / Search ToolsFreeFreeware947 Kb
4Bearshare Lite  v.5.2.5Internet / File SharingFreeFreeware3.26 Mb
5BearShare Gold  v.3.10Internet / File SharingFreeFreeware1.33 Mb
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1Bearshare Speed Booster  v.1.0Internet / File SharingFreeFreewareDetail

Bearshare Speed Booster is a brand new Freeware plugin to a Bearshare P2P

2.53 Mb
2BearShare Download Manager  v.2.5Internet / File SharingFreeFreewareDetail

Manage your BearShare downloads and easily browse your file collection. BearShare Download Manager has been designed for users who need a full featured file manager for their BearShare downloads. New files are automatically detected and presented in

1024 Kb
3BearShare  v.7Audio / Music ManagementFreeFreewareDetail

BearShare is the best music download software. Listen to free music, download and share with your friends online! Over 10 millions free music downloads!

9.28 Mb
4Bearshare Lite  v.5.2.5Internet / File SharingFreeFreewareDetail

BearShare lite is a leading file sharing program. Intuitive design, millions of users, safety features and quick setup - what more could you ask for? How about Free exclusive BearShare music, help with common questions and Free tools! Come see what

3.26 Mb
5BearShare Gold  v.3.10Internet / File SharingFreeFreewareDetail

Search, download, and share MP3, video, image, and other media files.

1.33 Mb
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1Bearshare Speed Booster  v.1.0Internet / File SharingFreeFreeware2.53 Mb
2BearShare Pro  v. / File SharingFreeFreeware5.22 Mb

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3BearShare Gold  v.3.10Internet / File SharingFreeFreeware1.33 Mb
4BearShare Download Manager  v.2.5Internet / File SharingFreeFreeware1024 Kb

download, bearshare, manager, file sharing, p2p

5BearShare Turbo: File Sharing Software  v.6.0.0Internet / Download ManagersFreeFreeware9.86 Mb

mp3 downloads, p2p, file sharing, movies, video, songs

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